Photographer Profile: Les Barstow

My first memorable photograph was taken in the Badlands - a scarlet sun sinking over eroded rock formations. That picture was taken with a Kodak 110 pocket camera - I was 15 at the time, on a high school geology trip through the West. Since then I've gone through three cameras, but I have never changed my photographic goals of capturing the majesty of nature.

Nature has always held a strong place in my heart. For me it opens a window to the Divine - full of inspiration and wonder. It is enduring, ever-changing, and fragile all at the same time. Nature invites you to explore - to expand your horizons. It evokes the best of emotions, and urges you to reach out beyond the mundane. I hope that my artwork will inspire others to reach out to that sense of wonder, and to renew and extend our commitments to keep the special places in this world safe for future generations to enjoy.

I am a professional computer systems administrator by day, working toward a new career as a professional photographer on the weekends, after work hours, and on my time off. In 2006, I completed a three month photographic assignment for the Colorado State Parks, marking my first major photo contract.