Photographer Profile: Jess Lee

THE FILE 115,000 35mm, medium-format and 4x5 chromes. Digital and Film submissions delivered daily by FedEX or Broadband on request. New tightly edited material is being added to the file monthly.

OVERVIEW Rare North American wildlife in the wild with images showing true natural behavior. Captive or controlled wildlife images are captioned accordingly to protect the integrity of our client's and our reputations. Striking images of the natural environment's flora and fauna, from intimate landscapes to sweeping panoramas, in all seasons. Medium and large-format images of the wild country of the western U.S.

NATURAL HISTORY Wildlife, from striking portraiture to dramatic behavior of North American wildlife. Life-cycle coverage of birds and mammals. Extensive coverage of endangered species and associated recovery programs. Landscapes of ecosystems from urban to primal wilderness with a strong sense of the lands relation to human culture.

GENERAL STOCK Outdoor recreation, including hunting and fly-fishing, traditional western lifestyles, Native Americans. Growing file of urban sprawl and seasonal housing in the West. North American wildlife and landscapes. Agriculture and rural lifestyles.

LANDSCAPES Alpine, prairie and deserts of North America. Rural Western Ecosystems: flora and fauna, forests, landscapes, mountains. Abstracts, backgrounds in nature. Land use practices and seasonal coverage.

FAUNA Extensive files of western wildlife. Endangered species, wolf reintroduction including research.

SPECIALTIES North American large mammals and birds. Predators and prey. Extensive coverage of grizzly, black and polar bears. Wild wolves in the Yellowstone ecosystem and Alaska. Mexican gray wolf habitat. Cougar, bobcat and lynx. Life cycle of coyotes and wolves. Recovery and reintroduction of endangered and threatened species, including recent coverage of wild Yellowstone wolves and grizzlies. Western Landscapes.

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Western North America. Detailed coverage of Alaska, the Rocky Mountain West and the Southwest.

PHOTOGRAPHIC PLANS Increased coverage of the unprotected wild areas of the West - including, but not limited to, the Red Desert, San Rafael Swell and Clark's Fork. Trumpeter Swans, reintroduced Wolves and Grizzly bears.

SELECTED CREDITS INCLUDE, Magazines: Bears, Defenders, Field & Stream, Geo, Gray's Sporting Journal, National Geographic, National Geographic World, National Wildlife, National Parks, Nature Conservancy, NRDC, Outdoor Life, Sierra, Sports Afield, Der Stern, Trout, Woman's World, Wyoming Wildlife. Author/Photographer: Fly Fisherman, Geo Mundo, Rod & Reel, Das Tier, Trout, Western Outdoors. Calendars: Day Dream, National Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund. Book Publishers: American Geographic, Houghton Mifflin, National Geographic, Time-Life. Newspapers: Idaho Falls Post Register, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner. Advertising/Corporate: Autolite, Orvis, USWest. Agents: Photo Researchers (NY).


COMMENTS Full-time photographer with a full-time office staff. Experience with editorial and advertising assignments. Stock submission requests filled by Fed Ex daily when requested by 11 A.M. Mountain Time. Broadband delivery available

NON EDITORIAL SERVICES Experienced instructor and workshop leader.