Photographer Profile: Frank O'Donnell

Frank O'Donnell lives in British Columbia, Canada and has been creating unique images for many years. His passion for Photography has been a part of him ever since his first pay cheque in 1963 allowed him to buy a Voigtlander 35mm camera which he still has. He has photographed the streets of Paris, Italy and Portugal; the landscape of the Rockies and the wild animals of Africa. His subjects include landscapes, architecture and wildlife. He has traveled to Africa, Russia, Japan, Europe, Cuba and of course USA and Canada.
He has attended workshops and photographic courses in Canada and in the USA to continually improve his abilities.
He was President of the Canmore Artists' and Artisans' Guild in 2004, a group of 150 artists, and improved public awareness for the Arts, creating several new priorities for the Guild. He actively seeks out new images and ways of portraying Nature and the World around us. He has exhibited in Galleries and Public forums and has won awards for his works. His works are held in collections in Canada. Frank uses Canon 35mm and Velvia. He is also experimenting with Canon Digital products and Photoshop. He is a founding memebr of the Enderby BC Courtyard Gallery.