Photographer Profile: Sharon Hallowell

Thanks to my parents, nature and the great outdoors have always been a big part of my life. My mother always took the time to take me places abundant with wildlife and beauty...watching ducks on a small pond in Georgia before I could barely walk, exploring the mountain terrain of Mt. Rainier, and visiting jungle gardens abundant with birds and all types of animal life in Panama are but a few examples. My father's knowlege and love of animals and wild places are embedded in my soul. Photography has allowed me to take the time to appreciate all that is so beautiful, from the changing of the leaves in fall, to the symphony of snow geese in the winter, to the most delicate blooms of spring, and to the harmony of the woods, flora and fauna on a warm summer day. To see on a bird how perfectly one feather lies over another, morning light shining through fog on a swamp full of wood ducks, grains of pollen on the stamen of a flower transfer to the legs of a bee, and how everything in nature struggles to make the best of life, just like you and I, are but mere examples of the magnitude of all that is before us, yet seldom seen. And nature pulls it all together with abundant colors that compliment each other so magnificently.
I thank God for allowing me to see all of this, along with the ability to hear, touch, and smell all of his wonderous creations. It's an emotion that is hard to express, but one that I hope in some small way shows through in my photos. Enjoy!