Photographer Profile: Cory Freeman

Sierra Impressions Photography is the creation of photographer Cory Freeman. Cory strives to create dynamic, inspiring, and evocative images. He seeks to make “… the ordinary extraordinary.” as quoted by photographer Jay Maisel, who has greatly influenced his photography.

Cory strongly believes the fundamentals of photography and art go hand-in-hand to create a strong image. He has taken several art classes as well as photography classes throughout his academic career. Classes such as art history, color and 2D design principles, and portraiture have given him the tools to bring his vision to life. He thoroughly enjoys the creative challenge of interpreting his world around him through the photographic medium. Cory also upholds the idea that practical experience is the best teacher. As Sergio Aragone?s, Mad Magazine cartoonist once told Cory, “… living life and exploring new places and ideas fuel the creative artist…”

Sierra Impressions Photography is named for one of Cory’s most passionate subjects, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, specifically the Eastern Sierra. It’s here where you might find him shooting a fisherman in dramatic light or backpackers hefting a heavy load amidst granite canyon walls. Though the Sierra is one of his favorite destinations, he has an affinity to travel and explore the world around him. And it’s through the eye of the camera he hopes to interpret and convey that world to those who view his images.