Photographer Profile: Paul W. Faust

Paul W. Faust - - - - - -

"Short version of Bio"

Photographer / Writer / Digital Imaging / Photo Restoration / Stock Photo Service.

Self-taught (everything)

My main photo subjects include;

Nature - - - Historical - - - US Travel - - - Abstracts & Special Effects - - - Fine Art

---- Past assignments include; Shooting stills for Hollywood movie production, and at one time shooting models portfolios for new Hollywood hopefuls such as Bo Derick, Heather Locklear, Pricilla Barns, and others, when they were just trying to get a start in show business.

---- I have been published in American Photographer, Camera 35, Camera and Darkroom, Popular Photography, Western Photographer, Photographic, Photographers Forum, 2006 Photographer's Market,,,, and others, including cover image assignments. My images have also been used by the NikonNet web site, Bogen Photo Imaging, AlienSkin Software, Orange County Fair, Ca., East Tennesse Film Commission, and The Knoxville Zoo.

---- Presently I am writing for the online photo/digital magazine,, as well as doing the ApogeePhoto newsletter, and I am also operating my own stock photo service, which I am re-building my web site for. I do not promote my site to general viewers as it is mainly for publishers looking for stock photography.

---- Occasionally I sell fine art prints in local galleries, but not often as I am usually too busy to print and matt new ones, but I do take orders by e-mail through my web site at Most of my time however is spent shooting for publication, my writing, and stock sales.

--- I also use my photo images to support several children's charity projects I work with. 25% of stock sales, and 50% of fine art sales goes to this work.

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