Photographer Profile: Nick Rains

I started off in photography almost straight out of Swansea University in South Wales, UK where I studied Zoology. I picked up the basics by going out and using film. I didn't do any formal training until a few years later when I did a 2 year Tech course on studio and commercial photography.

Commercial photography was reasonably well paid and interesting but I soon got more interested in travel photography so, like many others were starting to do, I shouldered a backpack and headed off into Asia and Australia.

I ended up in Australia and was soon working for Canon during the 1986 America's Cup in Fremantle. This was where I met all the top international photographers and magazine editors who were all very helpful to a young photographer starting out in serious international work.

I had a ball during the 12 months I spent in Perth, my work was published in Sports Illustrated, London Times, Paris Match, Stern and many other well known publications. I worked for Time Magazine for a while as an assistant and learned a whole load of stuff about what professional photography is all about.

Of course my visa finally ran out and I headed back to England. My new contacts stood me in good stead and this period was when I fully developed my landscape photography by undertaking extended trips into Germany, Turkey, Italy, France, and Spain shooting for the stock photography market.

Finally I decided to move back to Australia for good in 1990 and have been shooting this fabulous country ever since. I have travelled over 400,000km in that time and have been to just about every major place on interest. In fact the only major places I have yet to visit are Cape York and the central deserts of WA.

Over the years I have worked for the Australian Tourism Commission, Tourism NSW, Penguin Books, Readers Digest Books, Shell Petroleum, BBC TV, Sports Illustated, World Heritage Commission, Australian Geographic plus many more.

Additionally my work has been published all over the world in calendars, books, advertising, TV etc.

Now I just shoot landcapes, this is what I do best and this is what I enjoy the most - I consider myself very fortunate to make a living doing what I enjoy.

I hope you enjoy looking at my images as much as I enjoyed creating them.