Photographer Profile: George Brown

Photography is both my relaxation and my outlet for creativity. Although I grew up in California I have found my place in Maryland. My love for the beauty of nature began while I was attending college at San Francisco State University. As often as I could I would pack my hiking boots and load up my bicycle, and head off to the Sierras or to Point Reyes National Seashore. I was so inspired by these areas that, after graduation, I worked for the National Park Service for 7 years living in such magnificent places such as the Grand Canyon, Isle Royale of Lake Superior, and the Big Bend of the Rio Grande. As my career and graduate education evolved I continued with the Federal Government and finally settled in Central Maryland 20 years ago. What a wonderful place to live and be. I can be on the Chesapeake Bay, in the Shenandoah or the mountains of West Virginia, hike the Appalachian Trail, or wander through the Blue Ridge Mountains…all within a 2-hour drive of my home. I wonder where I will be tomorrow…

My photography spans several genres…from nature and landscape to flora and wildlife, and is greatly influenced by the world at and near to my home. I hope you enjoy my images.