Photographer Profile: James Egbert

James H Egbert's photographs have been recognized throughout Colorado and the U.S. for their mastery of color, composition, and perspective. His vision and passionate wildlife advocacy affirm his dedication to his work. James' photographic mission is multi-faceted. By employing his artistic style combined with more technical and journalistic styles, he documents his subjects and educates the viewer. For James it is all about a fine balance to create emotionally stirring images while keeping them recognizable. His unique and passionate approach to nature photography is based on his years of training in the arts and his love and respect for the mountains near his home in Colorado Springs.

The camera and a lens are like the canvas and brushes of a painter, or the clay of a potter. They plead for you to go out and discover something with them. A photographer then becomes part of the splendid concerto of nature, composing various subjects, textures, colors, shapes, forms, and light into a complete composition. An intimate relationship is established when the artist is alone with wildlife, in the calm silence of wilderness or witnessing a breath-taking exhibit of light on a landscape that may only last but a few fleeting moments. It is said that it is only during these moments when a photographer is truly at place where they can only begin to articulate their passion.

Peering at the world through a lens has taught James how to see without one. However, making images only goes so far in encouraging and showing appreciation for nature. James enthusiastically encourages anyone with a passion for nature to support one or all of the organizations listed on our links page. Everyday someone is maintaining a fight somewhere in the world to protect what they love so dearly, constant threats against endangered species and critical habitat, making many of our own daily activities seem trivial.