Photographer Profile: DAN HART

I live in Alaska and have been a nature and wildlife photographer since 1980. I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1997 after 21 years of service. From 1976 until 1980 I was a biological and scientific photographer at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. I also worked as a wedding and portrait photographer from 1977 until 1980, when I became a full time nature photographer. I utilized my degrees in biology, chemistry, and optics as a research biologist for the American Bald Eagle Foundation until 2002. My images have been published in national and international magazines, professional journals, newsletters, newspapers, on album covers, CDs, DVDs, postcards and rackcards. I produced screensavers, membership photographs and wildlife image calendars for the American Bald Eagle Foundation until 2006. I made the transition from traditional film photography to digital photography in 2000 and also started dabbling in videography productions. I personally print, mount, and custom mat my images in order to gain the maximum control possible over image quality and presentation. In addition to my own photographic endeavors, I also freelance and accept commission assignments. My multi-media company's name is Chilkat Creations.