Photographer Profile: Carol Hyman

I'm sure, like many of you; I've made my livelihood in a variety of professions that have included education, course development, programming, system administration, and technical training in aerospace, health care, and the computer industry. In some ways, a far cry from the world of art and photography.

Regardless of how I earned money, I've always used my interest in art and photography as part of a skill set that began when I first started to create line drawings with pencils and crayons and to shoot with a pin-box camera and a little later, an inherited Kodak Brownie.

I have a passion not only for photography, art, and web page design, but also for the out-of-doors, ranging from landscapes to close-ups of flora and fauna. Most recently Iíve discovered a bird preserve not too far from where I currently hang my hat in Henderson, Nevada. Itís certainly an oasis in the ďCity of sin.Ē

In 2000 I acquired my first digital camera and today I've graduated to a D200. Over the years Iíve always focused on good composition and never paid too much attention to the more technical aspects of photography. Now this has changed and with each shoot I master yet one more button or dial on the new camera. Going hand-in-glove with improving the technical aspects of photography, I'm also learning Photoshop skills over and beyond the Adobe features. I'm determined to succeed!

The learning curve is as steep as learning to program or the intricacies of UNIX system administration!