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Grizzly Bear Walking Beach #2

Photographer: Dr. Edward Cordes
Photographer Website: http://www.ecordesphotography.com
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Image Reference: 6715A
Image Format: Digital Capture - 5 to 7MP
Image Crop: Greater than 75% of original
Digital Enhancement: None
Model Release: NA   Property Release: NA   Captive: No
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Keywords: Grizzly, bear, brown bear, Alaskan Costal Brown Bear

This bear was walking down the beach. I previously posted him in a more face on shot. This was probably about 45 seconds later as he passed by us about 30-40 feet away. He seemed to purposely look away from us to try to ignore tha fact that there were 5 humans snapping photos of him. He obviously has been in some scuffles. The scar on his nose and the fur missing from his left shoulder and on his hump attest to this. He was docile around us.