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Silent Motion

Photographer: Jay Patel
Photographer Website: http://www.jaypatelphotography.com
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Image Format: Digital Capture - Greater than 9MP
Image Crop: Full Frame
Digital Enhancement: Digital Retouch
Model Release: NA   Property Release: NA   Captive: NA
Image Terms & Definitions
Keywords: West Virginia, Waterfalls, Moss, Green, Rocks, Creek, Water, Amber

The composition of this photograph was selected to fill the frame with the colors: Lush green colors of the moss combined with the reddish brown colors of the Elakala creek. The Elakala falls were placed in the upper third, while the rock in the foreground served as an focusing point. The shutter speed of the photograph was selected to capture the silent motion of the bubbles as they tried to dodge the rock in the foreground.