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Straight and Tall

Photographer: Carol Hyman
Photographer Website: http://hy-tec-training.com
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Image Reference: DSC_0203_1_PP.jpg
Image Format: Digital Capture - Greater than 9MP
Image Crop: Full Frame
Digital Enhancement: None
Model Release: NA   Property Release: NA   Captive: No
Image Terms & Definitions
Keywords: ardea herodias, kingdom: animalia, phylum: chordata, subpylum: vertebrata, class: aves, great blue heron, immature great blue heron, blue heron, immature blue heron, garza morena, grand heron, standing great blue heron, standing blue heron

Great Blue Heron guarding an old boat with anchor and rusty chain
Location: Marina del Rey, CA, 1/6/07
Detail: Tripod, Nikon D200 ,Lens: 70.0-200.0 mm f/2.8, 1/8000 s at f/2.8, 200 mm