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Great Egret with catfish

Photographer: Lisa Cuchara
Photographer Website: http://www.tlc.smugmug.com
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Image Reference: 8419
Image Format: Digital Capture - 7 to 9MP
Image Crop: Greater than 75% of original
Digital Enhancement: None
Model Release: NA   Property Release: NA   Captive: No
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Keywords: Great Egret, catfish, Casmerodius albus

This Egret was taken in the evening at the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades, Florida. It was taken, on a tripod, with a Canon 20D and a 500mm f4 IS Canon lens. Tv mode, 1/100sec, f4, -1/3 exposure compensation, Canon 580EX flash, better beamer. The catfish were plentiful that day, and unlike other fish (which are gulped right down), the birds have to get the catfish positioned just right before swallowing them, making for great photo ops!