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Photographer: Mike Dawson
Photographer Website: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/mike-dawson.html
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Image Format: Digital Capture - Greater than 9MP
Image Crop: Greater than 75% of original
Digital Enhancement: None
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Keywords: waterfall, falls, moss, lush, fog, mist, stream, creek, flow, Elowah, Oregon, Columbia River Gorge, surge

day of hiking in the rainsoaked canyons of the Columbia Gorge with MArc Adamus leading the way. I think this might be called extreme photography. Anything from a light drizzle to a solid rain pelted as we hiked and then scrambled down a steep bank via mini stream created by the heavy rain. I certainly have never seen this much water flowing over the falls in the Gorge. We managed to get the waters edge downstream from the falls, pick our way across the rocks and grab a few shots, wiping the lens after every shot to clean off the heavy spray. Elowah Falls tumbles over 300 feet in the background partially shrouded by fog. A trip I am not likely to forget. I owe a big thanks to MArc for taking me along and I am sure he will show you some views I was not willing to wade for. Marc was kneedeep in the surge trying to get the perfect angle. Noone works as hard to get a great landscape as he does. Needless to say my legs are tired after following him for 3/4's of a day. elowah art for sale