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Hidden Falls

Photographer: Michael Anderson
Photographer Website: http://www.MichaelAndersonGallery.com
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Image Reference: Hidden Falls MAG1
Image Format: Digital Capture - Greater than 9MP
Image Crop: Full Frame
Digital Enhancement: Digital Retouch
Model Release: NA   Property Release: NA   Captive: NA
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Keywords: fitzroy, waterfall, sunrise, patagonia, los glaciares, ice, sunrise, el chalten, south america, argentina

I could hear falling water in the distance so I decided to hike cross country down to a canyon away from the trail to Fitzroy basecamp. When I got down to the river, I found this beautiful series of cascades rimmed with fresh ice at sunrise after a cold autumn night. A few days later I got up at 3am and planned to hike solo back to this location for another sunrise. As I came around a bend in the trail, my headlamp illuminated the eyes of a crouching puma, only a few feet away next to the trail. I was alone, it was pitch black, and the body language of the puma convinced me to slowly back away and abandon my plans...