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Photo Marketing Books

Buy this book on Amazon.com Photo Portfolio Success - A Guide to Submitting and Selling Your Photographs by John Kaplan

An excellent resource for anyone interested in photo marketing, Photo Portfolio Success covers many important aspects of presenting and marketing your work from a professional photographer's point of view. Of special interest are sections on online porfolios and nature and wildlife photography.
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Buy this book on Amazon.com Sell & Re-sell Your Photos - Fifth Edition by Rohn Engh

With over 117,000 copies cold, Sell & Re-sell Your Photos includes information on digital photography's place in the business, selling online, and the shake-up in stock and royalty-free photography. Completely revised and updated, this classic guide provides new and verteran photographers with all of the information they need to sell their work.
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Buy this book on Amazon.com

Shooting & Selling Your Photos by Jim Zuckerman

Beginning and pro photographers alike will benefit from this guide on photo marketing by renowned nature and commercial photographer Jim Zuckerman. Beautifully illustrated with over a hundred of Zuckerman's own photographs, Shooting & Selling Your Photos is the perfect guide photographers need to get serious about their work and start letting it pay off.
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Buy this book on Amazon.com sell.com by Rohn Engh

Rohn Engh shows part-time and professional photographers how to compete with the big agencies by using the Internet--the new frontier of stock photography sales--and by determining how their images, both traditional and digital, are delivered and paid for. A comprehensive guide, sellphotos.com covers everything for photographers from Internet basics and the nature of the stock photography trade to building their own web sites and operating their own business.
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A Photographer's Guide to Web Site Design by Jan Allinder

Buy this e-book Jan Allinder is not only a gifted nature photographer, but she is also an expert website designer and webmaster, with a client list that includes Moose Peterson and Jerry and Barbara Jividen. Jan’s website, Lucid Images Wildlife Photography has always been a terrific resource of tips on website design.

Jan has now released an in-depth “e-book” on the topic of website design for the nature photographer. The new resource, A Photographers Guide to Web Site Design, takes all of Jan’s tips, tutorials and web site design expertise and presents it in one very user-friendly package.

The new e-book covers all aspects of web site construction, from design to implementation. The package also includes web page templates, a selection of cascading style sheets and 38 minutes of instructional videos that play on your PC. Though no HTML knowledge is required, those who use this e-book should possess the usual list of basic PC skills and have an understanding of their image editing software. Additionally, users should know how to use their word processing, text editor, web design and FTP programs.

For any photographer who wishes to learn how to build a first-class web site to showcase their work, A Photographers Guide to Web Site Design is highly recommended. Priced at just $29.95, this resource could be one of the best investments an Internet-savvy photographer could make. Buy this e-Book

88 Secrets to Selling & Publishing Your Photography by Scott Bourne

Buy this book on Amazon.com This new book is aimed at serious photographers who would who would like to turn their avocation into a money making venture. Written by veteran photographer Scott Bourne, 88 Secrets to Selling & Publishing Your Photography (ISBN 0976187809) is published by Olympic Mountain School Press.

"How can I make money with my photography is almost the first question every serious amateur photographer asks me," said Bourne. "Or they want to see their name in lights by getting a byline when their photo is published." In the book, Bourne provides answers to many of the questions asked by students at the workshops he teaches around the country through Olympic Mountain School of Photography.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section offers general tips for photographers who want to sell or publish their photos. The second section is specifically geared toward publishing and the third section focuses on selling.

David Middleton, a nationally-known nature photographer and author of 10 books, wrote the foreword for 88 Secrets and said, "Let me just say this right at the beginning: Scott Bourne is a marketing wizard." 88 Secrets to Selling & Publishing Your Photography is 132 pages long with appendix, index, and illustrations. Buy this book on Amazon.com

Instructional Articles

Nature Stock Photography - People in the Landscape by Charlie Borland.

Selling Your Stock Photography by Charlie Borland. Advice on how to negotiate prices for the use of your photography.

Responding to an Image Request - Tips on responding to a PhotoPortfolios.net image request email

Nature Photography Best Sellers - What Sells and Why? by Darwin Wiggett

Nature Stock Photography: Breaking In by Charlie Borland

Looking for Great Stock Photo Subjects? by Charlie Borland

Photo Critique and Discussion Forums

Photo Marketing Forum - Post your questions and advice on photo marketing issues!

Digital Imaging Forum - Discussions on digital darkroom and digital photography issues.

Nature Photography Forums - Photo critique and nature photography discussion forums.

Travel Photographers Network - Photo critique and travel photography discussion forums.

Camera Equipment Reviews Forum - User reviews of cameras, lenses and other photographic accessories.

Special Interests

Nature Photography 101 - A collection of instructional articles for photographers of all skill levels.

Bird Photography

Internet and e-mail Resources

Nature Photographers Online Magazine The Internet's leading online nature photography resource featuring instructional articles, equipment reviews, nature photography discussion and image critique forums.

Travel Photographers Network An online resource featuring instructional articles, equipment reviews, travel photography discussion and image critique forums.

Photo Marketing and Pricing Resources

How much should I charge?

This is a very common question among those who are new to the photography business. Because of potential violation of antitrust law, pricing discussions are forbidden in our forums.

So how does one go about determining what they should charge for their work?

First, we highly recommend that you read Selling Your Stock Photography, written for us by full time professional stock photographer Charlie Borland. After reading the article, third-party photo pricing resources can can be used to determine suggested starting points for what you should charge for the rights to use your work. The books listed at the top of this page are good places to start. Software references such as those listed below are also good resources for this purpose. Additionally, Internet searches on photo pricing topics will produce links to useful resources.

With a little time and research, you will be well on your way to determining what you should consider charging for your work!

www.photographersindex.com A free online photo pricing resource for photographers.

FotoQuote An electronic price guide for stock and assignment photography.

HindSight's Photo Price Guide 2 Image pricing software.

Editorial Photographers Non-profit organization dedicated to the business of editorial photography.