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"I have made numerous lucrative photo sales to calendars, books, magazines and an ad campaign directly as a result of folks finding my pictures on PhotoPortfolios. I have told numerous friends about my success with PhotoPortfolios - I expected nothing from the site except as a wee showcase of my images before I finally got a website of my own - that on a monthly basis I get 3-5 requests for using my photos (almost all of which translate to cash) totally blew me away!"

Darwin Wiggett    View Darwin's Portfolio

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"When I first read the reviews about the PhotoPortfolios website I was a bit skeptical because it sounded too good to be true; however, after now being on the website for only 8 months I am very happy I signed up. When I initially subscribed I encountered a few cases of prospective customers requesting photos, but found I was unable to reply through the website's reply system. When I contacted the website's managers they immediately responded and the problem was resolved within a couple of days. Today, I receive an average of 3-5 inquiries each week that result in sales of my photographic images. I have long since re-couped my investment in a 3 year subscription to the site and must say I am very pleased with every aspect of this program.

"I am also very happy that the PhotoPortfolios website allows me to post a significant number of my images at a fixed, economical rate. Finally, I am pleased that I can now refer prospective customers, friends, relatives, and the general public to my PhotoPortfolios pages to view my images. I have been a professional photographer for 30 years and this is one of the best values I have ever encountered. I would encourage anyone in the fields of nature or wildlife photography to sign up for the PhotoPortfolios program---its a great deal at a great price."

Dan Hart    View Dan's Portfolio

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"I'm thrilled to announce that thanks to Nature Photographers I just got my first book cover. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a small publishing house in Ottawa, Canada who wanted to use my image titled "White Tree Reflection" for the cover of a French language poetry book. The image was posted here on NPN sometime last year. The graphic artist for the publishing house came upon the photo via the site associated with NPN. The whole experience was wonderful and everyone involved was a pleasure to deal with. The parcel with my payment and copies of the book arrived yesterday and it's such a thrill to hold a published book that has my image on the cover."

Peter Carroll    View Peter's Portfolio

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"I have had an online portfolio with Photo for a little over a year now and to be quite honest I had thought about passing on a renewal. After some consideration I decided to try it for one more year...that turned out to be the best decision I have made in a long time. I was recently contacted about licensing six of my photographs for a book and one of them is being considered for the cover. Thank you... for getting them seen and getting them sold!"

Michael Hansen    View Michael's Portfolio

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"I sold the rights to an image of a Great Blue Heron to Wild River Press. It is great getting those PhotoPortfolios Image Request emails letting you know what clients are looking for. I recieved an email that morning and made the sale that same afternoon."

Dan Walters    View Dan's Portfolio

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"Several months ago a Daily Image Request was sent out for images of a variety of tree species for use in a tree field guide. I didn't have in my files any of the species on the list, but several were close to where I was living at the time in Arizona. I went out and shot photos of a few of the species and then wrote back that I had images available. By that time the publisher had found images of several of the species already, but still needed a couple that I had shot, and licensed them for the field guide."

Martin Beebee    View Martin's Portfolio

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"I set up my portfolio about 1.5 years ago. I specialize in pictures of crustaceans and there is not a really big market for this. However, in the Netherlands (where I live) I do sell a reasonable amount of pictures every year. Recently some crab species from Asia have invaded our coastal waters. One of these species also invaded the east coast of the USA some time ago. Through my portfolio the Audubon society in Massachusetts ended up using one of my pictures! Also when searching via Google for images of crabs I frequently encounter the crab pictures I put up at The site is well indexed in the search engine which again leads to better exposure of the pictures to possible buyers. The small investment that comes with registering is more than worth it. Thanks a lot for offering this excellent service!"

Reindert Nijland    View Reindert's Portfolio

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"Until recently, when I started using Google Analytics to track visitors to my web site, I had no way of knowing that almost 20% of new visitors to my site were referred from my PhotoPortfolios page. Then, with a link to my PhotoPortfolios gallery on my home page, I'm able to show my photographs to other visitors in a fast and professional-looking environment. Thanks for the referrals!"

Lee Robinson    View Lee's Portfolio

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"I have managed to generate more business from my gallery on PhotoPortfolios than I have from my site, I think this is in part due to the volume of traffic PhotoPortfolios gets monthly."

James Egbert    View James's Portfolio

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"I recently set up my photoportfolios page, primarily so family and friends could view photos on the Internet. However I was recently contacted by the publisher of Puddler, which is the childrens subsidiary of Ducks Unlimited magazine. They were interested in using one of my photos for their summer edition, in a story on carnivorous plants. I ended up having my first sale - it was quite a pleasant surprise!"

Jayne Caruso    View Jayne's Portfolio

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"The Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans is building an insectarium that will be opening soon. I was contacted through and they are purchasing 4 of my insect photos for display. Just wanted to let you know PhotoPortfolios seems to be working effectively!"

Ronnie Gaubert    View Ronnie's Portfolio

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"I've been taking Nature and Travel photos for 30 years, and while I have donated a number of photos to good causes, I never actually sold one. That is until I posted a portfolio on In the last week, I have sold my Tairua Rainbows photo to a calendar maker in the US, and my Red Deer Stag image to a magazine in Australia for their cover shot! I would never have met these clients without the help of PPN. Thanks!"

Jim White, UK    View Jim's Portfolio

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"I wanted to share with you another success story brought on by my participation with your on-line portfolios. DS Graphics in Lowell, MA has selected my Spring Rain photo to be featured in their 20 month calendar published this May. Not only will my contact information be listed in the backcover, but I will receive a few copies and a moderate paycheck. I would not have been contacted by a company on the opposite coast if I was not participating with Thank you again for helping the fellow photographers out by offering such a great service."

Elizabeth Kimes    View Elizabeth's Portfolio

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"I just got paid for a photo that I licensed for a CD Cover and they found me through"

Dan Baumbach    View Dan's Portfolio

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"I canít believe it! About 2 weeks ago I initiated the portfolio opportunity NPN offers. I uploaded several photos taken recently that I considered good enough to ask friends and family to view. Then I emailed the URL to those who I thought might enjoy viewing the photos. As it happens one of my friends has moved and is now executive director of a Chamber of Commerce in Maryland. He said his Chamber and a local school district were doing a project on herons and ospreys and wanted to buy some of my photos. After several emails we agreed on a fee that is apparently commensurate with what I gather many are charging for similar services. They will be published in a brochure to be distributed throughout the area. I never really thought my photos were good enough for others to want o pay for them. However, the member portfolio and a little luck allowed me to make my first sale. Thank-you!"

Ed Cordes    View Ed's Portfolio

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