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About PhotoPortfolios.net

Our Mission

Since going online in January 2004, PhotoPortfolios.net has had tens-of-thousands of photos uploaded, generating millions of views. The key to our success is that PhotoPortfolios.net was designed from the ground up for the sole purpose of getting our subscribers’ work seen. As opposed to a personal website or “add-on galleries” on existing photography websites, PhotoPortfolios.net is easily found via search engine (Google and Yahoo!) using the search phrases that photo buyers are likely to use, including “photographer portfolios” and “photo buyer resource.” PhotoPortfolios.net can also be accessed via Nature Photographers Online Magazine, which is easily found using a number of hugely popular search phrases including “nature” and “nature photography.” If a “portfolio site” cannot be found via search engine, there is little chance that any of the photography it contains will ever be seen outside a small circle of viewers!

PhotoPortfolios.net is easy for photo buyers to find and easy for them to use - check out our Member Success Stories page!

Site Overview

PhotoPortfolios.net is an online resource for stock photography buyers, and for both amateur and professional photographers specializing in nature, travel, outdoor and sports photography. Our purpose is two-fold; to provide a means for photographers to showcase and share their work with others in an elegant and professional fashion, and to serve as a conduit between photographer and photo buyer. PhotoPortfolios.net is a unique blend of online photographer portfolio and online image catalog.

There is no charge to view images on this site. Images can be viewed by using the Photographer Index, or via the primary category menu on the Home page. Images can also be viewed by keyword search.

Every image displayed on PhotoPortfolios.net is tagged with key information via a simple check box method during the image upload process - see a sample screen (link opens in new window). Each image can also be assigned keywords to further categorize and define it. This information provides a basis for image search as well as a basis for photo buyers to determine if an image fits their specific needs.

Unlike conventional stock agencies, there are no commissions for any image sold or licensed. All licensing arrangements are between photo buyer and photographer.

Unlike simple image hosting or online gallery sites, PhotoPortfolios.net is actively promoted to those who purchase stock photography. We also provide links to recommended photo marketing resources to assist our subscribers in marketing their work.

Unlike any stand-alone stock photography/online portfolio site, we provide the resources for photographers to effectively display their work, market their work and improve their work.

Key features and benefits...

  • Elegant, easy-on-the-eyes presentation of your photography in an attractive portfolio format
  • Easy, intuitive site navigation
  • Custom URL for your portfolio – members/photoportfolios/your name
  • Direct icon link to your portfolio from the NPN and TPN photo critique galleries
  • Easy to use check box system (link opens in new window) to categorize and upload each photo direct from your hard drive
  • Photographer profile page with the option to include a photo
  • Individual portfolio thumbnail page including photo title, photo category and number of views for each photo
  • Critical photo-specific information displayed with each photo, as well as photographer email link (your actual email address is not displayed) and links to photographer profile and personal website
  • Ability to set the order in which the thumbnails and images appear in your portfolio
  • Protection against hot-linking to your photos from other websites and "right-click-and-copy" image theft without disabling browser function
  • Photo buyer utilities including book marking of your photos via the “Favorites” utility, Image Request utility for mass-emailing PhotoPortfolios subscribers (individual opt-in or opt-out) and powerful photographer/photo search functions
  • Easy to use Photographer Index presented in a clean, uncluttered alphabetical text format
  • Useful features to help you market your photography including our Photo Marketing Resources page and Photo Marketing Forum
  • Monthly Featured Portfolio and Featured Portfolio Archive to showcase our subscribers' photography
  • PhotoPortfolios.net is actively promoted through various nature and travel photography sites and organizations resulting in more exposure for our subscribers' work

PhotoPortfolios.net Member Success Stories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than 120 images in my portfolio?

Yes! You can upgrade your portfolio in 40-image increments, for a total of up to 320 images. Cost is a one time charge of $40.00 per block of 40 images - contact us at editor@photoportfolios.net for additional information.

Can I create a link to my portfolio from another site?

Yes! Each portfolio includes a custom URL that can be used for that purpose ( example - members.photoportfolios.net/jerhardt ). You can view/edit your custom URL using the Edit Your Preferences link on the Manage Portfolio page.

Can I link to images in my portfolio from other sites?

No. PhotoPortfolios.net is not intended as an image hosting service. Images uploaded to our server can only be viewed on this site.

Is PhotoPortfolios.net an online stock agency?

No. PhotoPortfolios.net is intended to serve as a showcase for our subscribers' work, and as a portal between photo buyer and photographer. We provide all of the tools for our subscribers to effectively display, market and improve their work. We provide photo buyers the tools to find the images they're looking for, and the means to contact our subscribers directly. All transactions are entirely bewteen photo buyer and photographer.

Why not offer photo buyers image downloads from this site?

The main problem with direct downloads is the tremendous amount of storage that is required for the file sizes most commercial photo buyers require. For example, a TIFF file from a typical 4-megapixel camera is over 10MB. An 8-bit, 2000 dpi drum scan of a single 4 X 5 transparancy could easily exceed 200MB. In most cases, a 200KB JPEG file simply isn't going to cut it for anything but Web applications or low-resolution printing.

Is there a way I can have my images critiqued?

Yes! Your PhotoPortfolios.net subscription also entitles you to image hosting in the Nature Photographers Image Critique Forums and the Travel Photographers Image Critique Forum.

Do the Nature and Travel Forums include an image rating system?

No, they do not. When polled on the image rating feature, the majority of our members felt that it is of very little educational value, and only promotes an atmosphere of rivalry and competition. Aditionally, most photo buyers will judge the image based entirely on their needs, not on some arbitrary rating system.

Are there resources available for me to learn to be a better photographer?

Yes! Nature Photographers Online Magazine, our online publication dedicated to the art and technique of nature photography, has been online since April of 2000 and is one of the top-ranked nature photography sites on the Internet. There you will find instructional articles, equipment reviews and of course our renowned nature photography discussion and image critique forums. The Travel Photographers Network website offers the same educational opportunities for the travel and outdoor photographer. We strongly encourage you to visit and make use of these fantastic resources!

Are there resources available for me to learn how to market my work?

Yes! Be sure to check out our Photo Marketing Resources page.

As a photo buyer, is there a way for me to bookmark images that may be of interest in the future?

Yes! Use the "Add to Favorites Folder" link found on the bottom of every "view image" page to bookmark the image for future reference. Use the "Favorites" link in the grey navigation bar to view and edit your folder. Photo Buyer registration and log-in required to access this feature.

As a photo buyer, I cannot find the exact image I need. Is there a way to find out if any of the PhotoPortfolios.net subscribers have what I'm looking for?

Yes! Fill out our Image Request form with a description of what you're looking for, along with an email address of where you can be reached. Once a day, an email with all of the day's image requests is automatically generated and sent to all of our subscribers who have opted-in to receive the Image Request email. Photo Buyer registration and log-in required to access this feature.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us at editor@photoportfolios. We look forward to hearing from you!

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